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MonkeyConQueso's gameplay for Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey

MonkeyConQueso played Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey

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MonkeyConQueso said...
  • excited
What an absolutely awesome game! I'ts like Etrian Odyssey, but with demon capturing and leveling and fusing. I'm probably going to juggle my time with this and Pokemon SS, as it deserves it. I love Atlus for bringing this to the US :D
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Atlus has been on a role they've been spitting out some fun games.
Indeed! I'm glad I spent the money on this one. I always have to remember that a lot of Atlus' games tend to release and disappear, and wind up hard to find. So I have to pick and choose my purchases well when it comes to what they release. This was a very worthwhile one.
I was happy they released an orignal SMT game. I love Persona, Summoner, Digital Devil but I was very happy to get my hands on this game.
I need to pick up some Persona games, actually. I've failed to ever try it. Although, I think I may just start with Persona 3 Portable.

Also, 3D Dot Game Heroes in May!
Yeah I can't wait for P3P! You won't need to go back and get the other P3s because it will be P3FES with the new character. But you should get P4 because it was fun and if you love SMT:SJ monster capturing then P1 and P2 are a must get.

I can't wait for 3D Dot Game Heroes. FROM SOFTWARE wanted to pay tribute to old school Zelda game and should be fun.
I should actually get P4. I've heard nothing but good things about it.

And FROM SOFTWARE is damn awesome for making 3D Dot. I'm curious to see if they'll use the same graphic style on something else in the future...
If you do get P4 play P3 1st because they tie together. P3 does reference stuff from 2 but doesn't have characters or places like 4 does.

After the challenge of Demon's Souls I know 3D Dot should be fun and challenging like old school retro games.
Aye, then I shall see if I can procure P3 before playing P4 then.

And I'm truly curious how hard 3D Dot will be. I know FROM usually puts out brutal games, but I'm really wonder on this one.
Oh and since I'm on the topic of JRPGs a new Realt-Time Action JRPG just came out for the PSP called MIMANA. I haven't gotten around to playing it but it looks cool it's from Aksys Games. They have been getting more and more into JRPGs.
Speaking of 3D Dot Game Heroes 1up will be doing a live video of gameplay this week.

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